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Internship Opportunities

One student internship includes setting up lighting

The Lane University Center accepts applications for a variety of internship opportunities within our operation.  All internship positions are designed to incorporate various aspects of our operation into a structured, co-curricular learning experience to enhance the educational experience that traditional on-campus employment provides.  

Do you have an interest in doing this as an internship?  If so, the Lane University Center is the place for you!  

We provide the following types of internships:

  • Paid (requires a multi-semester commitment for employment)
  • Unpaid
  • Blended (Partial Paid and Partial Unpaid)

Internship opportunities are available in the following areas and concentrations:  

  • Technical Operations Intern
    • Sound/Light Production Track
    • Training and Development Track
    • Video Production Track
    • Event Production Track
  • Facility Operations/Building Management Intern
    • Human Resources - Recruitment and Retention Track
    • Human Resources - Training and Development Track
    • Operations - Facility Management Track
    • Operations - Financial Management Track
    • Operations - Assessment & Research Track
    • Operations - Marketing & Social Media Track