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Meet the Student Activities and Greek Life Staff

Robert Cooper

Robert Cooper
Student Activities

204 Lane University Center

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Masters of Education in Higher Education at Lynchburg College

Job Responsibilities: As Director of  Student Activities and Greek Life, my goal is to make sure that students have opportunities outside of the classroom that may or may not relate to their field of study. These opportunities include student organizations, Greek Organizations, programs or events, and co-curricular activities.

What students should know about me:  I am a family man as well as someone who enjoys helping others succeed. I am an advice giver, but it is up to you if you want to take it or not.

Favorite Quote: Without a struggle, there can be no progress. — Frederick Douglass

Megan Dignan

Megan Dignan
Graduate Assistant
Student Activities

208 Lane University Center

Hometown: Cumberland, MD

Education: Bachelors of Fine Arts, Pursuing Masters of Business Administration

Job Responsibilities: Advisement, support, and supervision of marketing and graphic design students for Late at Lane and the University Programming Council; programming and facilitating campus events and leadership opportunities

What students should know about me:  My passion lies in being a catalyst to student success. Student involvement is an integral part of a successful and well-rounded college experience and I strive to be an ally and create avenues for that experience for all students.

Favorite Quote: Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward. –Victor Kiam

Marcus Freeman

Marcus Freeman
Program Assitant
Student Activities

222 Lane University Center

Hometown: Camden, NJ

Education: B.A. in Business Management at Rutgers University-Camden, Pursuing MEd. Interdisciplinary

Job Responsibilities: Advisement, support, and co-supervision of University Programming Council; programming and facilitating campus events and leadership opportunities 

What students should know about me:  My vision for students is to help develop life long skill sets that will will not only empower their self esteem but also challenge them to to expand their thought process, experiences, and personal/professional development. Though grades are important to graduate, it's what happens outside the classroom that gives you the tools to succeed after you leave campus. 

Favorite Quote: "Where there is no vision, the people perish: Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

Jamie Winters

Jamie Winters
Assistant Director
Greek Life

209 Lane University Center

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Education: B.S. Psychology ; MEd. Curriculum Development; courses towards a PhD. In Life Span Development

Job Responsibilities: Supervision, advising, evaluation, programming and facilitating training in the areas of leadership, diversity and citizenship. 

What students should know about me:  I want students in my classroom and in Greek Life to practice in college what is expected of them in a real job.  So due dates, accuracy, efficiency, competency, professionalism and making connections for a life time are important. 

Favorite Quote: One who laughs at oneself will never be laughed at by others. 


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