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Meet some of our ECHOSTARS

Kayla KelleyKayla Kelley 

Wildlife & Fisheries Major

"In my life, I value family, love, justice, loyalty, and strength. My service has related to my values in one way or another. For example, one of my favorite special projects was the Iron Girl Triathlon. For this event, we helped with various tasks throughout the competition. I was most proud to serve all of those strong women, who overcame some sort of illness or had a family member overcome an illness. I watched them go through that race, and I cheered to see all of them finish. They are strong, and I respect that almost more than anything. I barely knew any of those women, but yet I felt so proud and happy to serve them during that event. Through my service at the Salvation Army, I saw families working their hardest to help their children thrive in school by sending them to the after-school program. This helped me see that the human will is stronger than I know. I worked with kids who struggled with school, but they tried hard to better themselves. I believe that our younger generations will thrive as long as they have good parents and people like the ECHOSTARS there to support them along the way. Because of my service, I am a more positive person to be around. Every time I serve, I leave with a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment. My service helps me relieve the stresses of college and life by going out and forgetting about myself for a while and focusing on helping others." 

Sam LohffSam Lohff 

Wildlife & Fisheries Major

"I think that the ECHOSTARS have really helped me since I got on campus at Frostburg. As an ECHOSTAR, I have made some of the best friends I have here on campus. I have learned to meet new people and using my time wisely to help others. My service experiences have molded me into someone who is willing to branch out and be a part of this campus and community!"







April KinyuaApril Kinyua 

Political Science & International Studies major

"Because of my service, I am more open to new experiences that take me out of my comfort zone. Being an ECHOSTAR has helped me to be a better person, for which I am thankful. I have learned I am good with people, and I can make a difference.

It has been good to see that I can help beyond what I thought I could do. I like to see children learning and becoming better at school. I feel like I have helped someone's future for the best. Recently I felt that I made a difference when I saw my child get a higher grade than before."


Travis ArthurTravis Arthur 

Wildlife & Fisheries major

"Because of my service with the ECHOSTARS, I have grown in my ability to interact effectively with children. I am different because I know I assisted someone complete their homework and in some instances, better understand a subject for school and it makes me feel good about myself. When I get older, I plan to have children of my own, and I plan to help them with their homework."


Mary ClarkMary Clark 

Pre-Nursing major

"While serving at the Book Giveaway, I watched a family with two young boys choose books and supplies. They looked so happy, and I can only imagine what it did for all of the families in this community. I felt so proud of our ECHOSTARS in that moment. Because of my service, I am more willing to help others at the drop of the hat. I am willing to get up at 6 AM to help with Special Olympics. I am more willing to do whatever I can to help anyone who asks. "


Cheyenne WalkerCheyenne Walker 

Mass Communication major

"I have had so many experiences and life lessons throughout my time with ECHOSTARS, and honestly I could make a long list of them. I feel that I will never forget all the great things that have happened. This is a time in my life that will stick with me forever, because I am truly a changed person! As ECHOSTARS, we are given so many opportunities to serve, and every event is fun and filled with laughs. Before, I would talk and talk about how much I wanted to help out for my community, but now I am actually doing something. Honestly if I stopped now, I wouldn't know what to do. I would feel so lost. "

Tyler-Monae ButlerTyler-Monae Butler 

Education major

"This community needs the ECHOSTARS, because we are extra hands and ears to help out. Everyone needs help, and we provide it without cost. We help put smiles on little kid's faces; we give books to those who need them.

My ECHOSTARS service has contributed tremendously to my personal growth. I find myself thinking of new ways to help the kids with their homework. I have grown in ways such as choosing my words carefully, thinking about new games to play, wearing comfortable shoes because I know I will be running. It has also pushed me more towards being a teacher. I love those kids no matter how rambunctious. This experience applies to other situations in my life, because knowing our differences is not a barrier but an asset. Learning how to embrace those differences can help you in life. "

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