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FSU Tag Line

Training for a bright future

By Rose Gause

UPC and Late at Lane team build at Camp Ligionier.To kickstart each school year, Frostburg State University begins with preparing faculty, staff, and students for the upcoming year. Students begin to move in on August 27th and look forward to all the events and programs the University staff and students have prepared for the upcoming semester. However, over 75 student employees from CES, ECHOSTARS, Lane University Center, University Programming Council (UPC), Late at Lane, and the Social Marketing Team (SMT) began training for their job positions as early as August 15 in order to plan fall programming, create ways to increase student involvement, get acquainted with each other, and learn building and safety procedures. 

As part of the pre-semester training, groups participated in educational workshops such as technical operations, photography, assessment, marketing, and programming to name a few. Lane University Center and the Social Marketing Team traveled to Adventure WV Outdoor Education Center in Bruceton Mills, W.Va. for team building challenges on a low-ropes course. Groups faced obstacles which required students to strategically plan and rely upon one another to successfully navigate the course. 


Social Marketing Team members rely on each other to traverse rock island.

The Late at Lane and UPC crews ventured to Ligonier Camp and Conference Center located in Ligonier, Pa. on August 21-22. The overnight student retreat was led by Director of Student Activities, Robert Cooper and his two graduate assistants, Megan Dignan and Marcus Freeman. Students participated in team builders such as electricity, human knot, and trash can.

“This is my first year working at the Lane University Center, but the day of the ropes course I made new friends. It helped me get familiar with the people I work with,” said Game Room and Info Desk attendant Medina Owolabi. Owolabi is a health science major. 

“The fact that we were able to go somewhere else to a different environment helped us get along better. The trip made everyone more comfortable with each other, which is good because we are all going to have to ask each other for help at some point. And, I now feel a lot better about working with Late at Lane and UPC,” said Francheska Alvarez-Perez, UPC Programming Chair. 

“It was really good that we had a retreat towards the end of our training because I really got to know the Late at Lane staff that I had been working with last semester and bond with the UPC staff more. The retreat was a very emotional. to know more about each other’s personal lives and how we see each other in the workplace. It was just very beneficial,” said Tezeta Gant, Entertainment Coordinator for Late at Lane production team.

On August 23, student employees from the Lane University Center, CES, UPC, Late at Lane and SMT gathered in the Atkinson Room to review safety protocols with University Police. Following lunch, student employees then engaged in a group activity called "Chain Reaction" which emphasized similarities to create unity. After the team building activity, Assistant Vice President of Student and Community Involvement, Bill Mandicott emphasized the importance of the role each student employee plays in contributing to campus community. 

In addition to student employees within the Department of Student and Community Involvement, the Office of Civic Engagement recruited over 90 AmeriCorps members. Returning ECHOSTARS moved into residence halls early to welcome first-year ECHOSTARS who arrived August 25. Their training on August 26 included workshops, speakers, assigning positions, becoming familiar with volunteer sites, and being updated about program changes.

"This week of training has been eye-opening because I’ve been able to see what responsibilities I’m going to have in the program and how I’m going to help new ECHOSTARS fall in love with the program how I did when I was a freshman. I really liked the fact that everyone in the program became close because we were amongst each other 24/7 the first few days of training. The people I met those days were the people I hung out with the whole school year,” said sophomore ECHOSTAR Marina Da Costa E Silva. 


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