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SCI welcomes five new faces

Student and Community Involvement welcomes five new faces

by Kate Sine '18, Social Marketing Team Writer

FROSTBURG, MD — Student and Community Involvement welcomes five new faces to its professional staff this semester. Kyrie Kirn joins the team as Assistant Director of Student Activities and Eboné McDaniel is serving as Interim Events Coordinator for the Lane University Center, both have offices in the Lane University Center. On the outskirts of campus, The Office of Civic Engagement in The Braddock House welcomes 3 new AmeriCorps members: Donna Lane as Program Planner. Erin Lewis as Read to Succeed Coordinator and  Pat Travers as VOICE Volunteer Coordinator.

Kyrie Kirn is in the mountains of Frostburg as the new Assistant Director of Student Activities. Kirn works with the Director of Student Activities and Greek Life, on the University Programming Council, the Late at Lane program, Bobcat Connect and also with other student organizations on campus.

“I really love working with the University Programming Council. They are a really awesome group of students. I’m just getting started with them. They have an awesome calendar planned,” Kirn says eagerly. 

Kyrie Kirn completed her undergraduate work at Alfred State College in New York earning a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and earned her Master’s in Student Affairs Administration at Binghamton University, also in New York.  Even though she has not attended Frostburg State University, she loves it just the same and cannot wait to do more. 

To make an appointment with Kyrie Kirn, call  301-687-4007.

Eboné McDaniel is a Frostburg alum and a Saint Mary’s County native who has returned to the Frostburg as the new Interim Events Manager Coordinator. In this role, she processes the reservations for most of the buildings on campus including the campus hub, the Lane University Center.

Her favorite thing about her position at Frostburg State University is, “The professionalism of the student staff, the fact that you can attend an event in the Lane and will never believe that students put it together.

The customer service that you receive is amazing and how they can transform the place makes you feel like you are the most important part of it,” says McDaniel

Eboné McDaniel worked her way up to this position by initially being a student manager at the Lane University Center when she first attended this University in her freshman year. Even though she originally wanted the position at the Information Desk, once a coworker mentioned the idea of her being a manager, she went for it and applied. 

“You can’t be scared. If it’s a possibility, you take it and you run with it and you learn, especially when you can. You’re never going to be perfect, and you’re not going to know everything, but you can learn anything. So, just go for it,” McDaniel advises.  

For more information about reservations or events, contact Eboné McDaniel at 301-687-4048.

Donna Lane is a Tennessee native who not only has a big heart, but also works for AmeriCorps, which is like a domestic PeaceCorps that stays within the United States. AmeriCorps offers education awards to those who those serve enough hours within the program. They also help the local community with after school programs which includes the Read to Succeed program here on campus. Lane’s part in this is helping freshman become more successful by helping them make better habits. She also assesses the programs that AmeriCorps does and collects data from the programs as well. 

“I love people, I love helping people, it makes me feel good,” Lane says, which she surely has done and continues to do. Before joining AmeriCorps, she worked in Volunteer Services at a hospital in Tennessee for seven years. She first volunteered at AmeriCorps, and is now here to stay to giving a helping hand.

“It’s like a family to a person, it’s just awesome,” Lane says. 

To connect with Donna Lane, please visit The Braddock House or call 301-687-4191.

Erin Lewis is a West Virginia University alum who is giving back to her hometown community. How is she giving back? She is giving back by turning the pages of books, Lewis grew up with such as classics like, Judy Blume and Beverly Clearly. 

As the coordinator for the Office of Civic Engagement’s Read to Succeed program she takes volunteers from Frostburg State University’s ECHOSTARS members and work-study students and altogether they mentor children from neighboring elementary schools at the Lewis J. Ort Library on Mondays and Wednesdays or also Tuesdays. However, on Thursdays they meet with kids at the South Cumberland library if needed. 

It all started when she was younger, an avid bookworm who was also a part of the Read to Succeed program in her elementary school and she has not put down a book since. 

“Nobody really likes to read now when they are little kids, so I want to help them learn to love it,” says Lewis.

Within her first year in this position, Lewis is reaching her goal due to the fact that numerous students have returned to continue being taught how to appreciate the stories that she grew up and fell in love with.  

For more information about the Read to Succeed program, contact Erin Lewis at 301-687-4191 or visit her in The Braddock House

As a new AmeriCorps member, Patrick Travers serves as the new VOICE Volunteer Coordinator which means he pairs up people who want to volunteer and give back to the community with organizations who need volunteers to help their efforts. 

What got Patrick Travers started in volunteer work was when he spent three years in the service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega here at Frostburg State University. 

He also recently served as the advisor for Alphi Phi Omega "It felt like a really natural progression of my extracurricular involvement and what I enjoyed doing with my time," Travers says. 

Even though Patrick Travers may have just started this position in September, he says the biggest pay off of this position is, "The involvement of people giving back selflessly. People who enjoy do things for others just for the sake of doing it.’ Travers says. 

One key ingredient of being part of being a VOICE Volunteer Coordinator is to gradually start off with something that requires less time. Start with something such as ECHOSTARS program or the Lions Club which not only help others, gives one better time management skills.

For more information about volunteering at FSU or within the community, contact Pat Travers at 301-687-7598.


For further information on this release, contact:

Student and Community Involvement
Frostburg State University
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD  21532-2303

Telephone: 301.687.7597
Fax: 301.687.7049

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