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Frostburg Junior Steps in During Chaplain’s Recovery

By Rose Gause

Andre GlennSince the beginning of the second semester, Andre Glenn has been filling in for Chaplain Cynthia Zirlott, who serves as chaplain at Frostburg State University. As the chaplain, Zirlott plans, teaches, and cooks for Bible studies every week. She helps students during the school year as well as over the summer. She also organizes and plans fundraisers and events. As a ministry leader, she lends a helping hand to anyone in need and helps out anywhere she can. Unfortunately, last semester she was diagnosed with breast cancer and returned to her hometown in Alabama to receive treatment.


After the diagnosis, Chaplain Zirlott contacted Frostburg State University junior Andre Glenn, president of United Campus Ministries, informing him of her situation and asking him to take on extra responsibilities during her medical leave.

Chaplain Zirlott says, “Andre is a great leader with so much potential. God had him in the right place for us and for me. It was so much easier for me to leave for the best treatment knowing the kind of man he was, along with the other United Campus Ministry leaders.”

When Glenn first got the news, he didn’t know how he would handle the additional duties combined with his school work and job as CES Box Office Attendant.

Glenn says, “When I received the information regarding all the tasks, I felt overwhelmed. I told her it’s going to be a lot going on this semester, but with the time I had leading up to the semester, I had everything planned out according to what the chaplain sent through email. So pretty much it still feels like she is here because she is guiding me through everything. It’s just that she is not physically here when I’m doing these events. So, that’s the struggle, but at the same time, we have everything organized because of her. She is still able to send me information and guide me from wherever she is.”


While Chaplain Zirlott has been gone, Glenn has been putting together bible studies, organizing events, and attending board and leadership meetings. Although Glenn is the one left in charge, he still has the help of other members in UCM.

Besides having to take on this additonal workload for UCM, Glenn is pursuing a degree in mass communication and is a member of the following student organizations: Burg Peer Education Network, The Fandom Society, and Generation Investigating God (GIG).

Glenn explains that he manages everything by dedicating Wednesday mornings and time on the weekends to focusing on UCM while focusing on school work and his job the rest of the week.

Glenn says, “It’s a real challenge, but I’m able to get it done because I have people around me who help me out. It was difficult in the beginning, but overall we are getting there.”

Chaplain Zirlott still sends out emails about United Campus Ministry and campus events. While Zirlott plans to return to Frostburg State University sometime in April, Glenn hopes to have everything planned for the rest of the semester so she can focus on her recovery.


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