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Carter wins design competition

By Rose Gause I Mass Communication '20
Social Marketing Team writer 

Donovan Carter wins patch design competition

Donovan Carter’s 
winning graphic design patch will be out of this world! Last semester, Dr. Jamison Odone’s, FSU associate professor of illustration, advanced illustration classes participated in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program-SSEP Mission Patch Design Competition. The program gave students across Maryland the opportunity to use their skills to create a mission patch that would reflect the identity of Maryland in the context of the SSEPThe SSEP program is a STEM-based program that allows the next generation of engineers and scientist to propose real experiments that fly to the International Space Station (ISS) 

For Carter’s winning design he decided to research the Maryland flag and the coat of arms in order to incorporate them into his patch. His original design included a microscope, but with the critique from his classmates and professor, he decided to remove it from the design.  


“My professor and classmates are really good at designing and I strive to be really good too, says Carter.  

Carter worked for approximately two weeks to complete his patch design. On February 23, he received an email from Daniel Serranoresearch associate at University of Maryland, informing him that he had made it to the top ten, but in order to still compete, he would have to change the shuttle on his design to a rocket. Carter made the necessary changes and resubmitted patchA panel of judges then reviewed the submitted patches. On February 28 Carter received an email from Serrano informing him he had won the competition. Donovan’s patch will by flying to ISS this spring 2018 and will be returned to him in the summer of 2018 embossed with a certificate that it flew to space.  


“Coming up with an idea for the design was actually fun and it is awesome that my patch is going to space. I can’t wait to get the actual patch. Winning this gave me a sense of accomplishment because I’ve never won anything like this before,” says Carter.  


“Donovan is among many talented students in the department. I think it was a really cool opportunity and I was super proud that he won. He is one of those students that I always had a feeling would do well in the competition because he is a very talented kid and I’d put his work up against anybody else at any other university,” says Odone. 


Carter is a senior majoring in art and design with minors in graphic design and art history. He began becoming serious about pursuing graphic design when he was in high school, but it wasn’t until college that he realized he had a passion for it.  


I just love what I do. Graphic design is just fun to me I like to look at different types of art. Mfavorite style is art deco. I like to do a lot of posters based off that. Before college, I never had a style or process, but since I’ve been here [in college], I finally have a style and way of doing things. I have improved a lot.” says Carter.  


He is currently thinking about pursuing graphic design in a government position after graduation. Carter is also a graphic designer for the Social Marketing Team. 


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