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Taping the stage for Daughtry concert

Behind the Scenes of the Daughtry/Honor By August Concert

By Kate Sine

Saturday,  October 10, the bands Daughtry and Honor By August held a concert in the Cordts PE Center Main Arena. Fans counted down the days until the performance, but no one was as excited to see the payoff as the crew behind the whole event, CES Student Production Team, Lane University Center Tech Crew, University Programming Council, Social Marketing Team, Delta Zeta and Student and Community Involvement staffers.

Dave Knotts, Technical and Services Coordinator at Frostburg, headed up the backstage planning that went into the concert. Knotts has had numerous experiences with planning other events over the years, such as the previous Homecoming, Spring Fest as well as a few concerts. For this production, he and his supervisor, Rob Webber, Director of the Lane University Center handled the tech for the concert. To assist them with this task, Northeastern Production Company was contracted to help with the light plot, the stage size and where everything will land just so.

Dave Knotts and Rob Webber adjust a light on the stage stairs
Dave Knotts and Rob Webber adjust a light on the stage stairs.

“It’s all a great big jigsaw puzzle that you have to play to get everything to fit.” Knotts explained.

Dave KnottsKnotts is well accustomed to the jigsaw puzzles that are stages due to how long he has been helping with events here at Frostburg. Before he even started attending Frostburg State University, he was helping out. In 2007, he was asked to help implement the Goo Goo Dolls concert and has been hooked ever since. From 2007 to 2015, Dave Knotts has been a part of every production with varying degrees of responsibility. For any given event, he could be armed with a wrench constructing a stage or set to planning out the production.

Now, Knotts, a Frostburg State alum working in his position for a little over a year with a student crew to back him up with these projects.

Nathan Brockmeyer, senior and a veteran of such events began working in 2012. In the years since Brockmeyer began working on the Tech Crew, he has learned numerous things, such as planning man hours and labor and how the order of operations when planning an event is imperative to the job at hand. 

When working on a concert as a stage hand especially, Brockmeyer says, “You must amplify your skills for a concert over a conventional event because it is tech heavy with much more moving parts.”

Nathan BrockmeyerBrockmeyer has worked with Northeastern Production Company at four or five events over the past few years. With Northeastern's return to Frostburg State University for the concert, Brockmeyer’s favorite aspect of this whole experience is watching Jack, head of Northeastern, program his many fixtures with its many functions into elaborate, but simple lighting designs.

Tori GlassSenior Tori Glass, one of the many usher’s who helped out with concert production has helped out with events such as Late at Lane. However, this is her first time assisting with a concert of this scale. One of her favorite aspects of helping out with the concert is being a leader. Glass is very passionate about leading others. She demonstrates the skills that makes her one such as how to manage time and be an organized individual.

“Everything has to be in a certain place at a certain time. If it is not, the whole event will be thrown out of balance; that screws up the works,” Glass explains.

Lacey JonesLacey Jones, junior, was on security detail for the Daughtry/Honor By August concert. A seasoned manager of the Lane University Center Technical Services staff here at FSU, this position, has taught Jones how to have situational awareness, communication skills and a positive attitude as well.

As a manager for Tech Services, this is not her first rodeo. Jones has been working events at Frostburg State University since her freshman year, from Late at Lane to concerts like this past weekend's. With this position, Jones has not only learned a certain set of skills to get the job done right, but how it’s not just her doing the job alone.

“It takes a lot of moving parts to make one thing work” she says. Each of these people are a cog in the machine; they are the part that makes sure this event goes smoothly.” The behind-the-scenes of any production can be secretive, but nevertheless, it is still important for students to be able to attend a concert by the likes of Chris Daughtry and his band.

FSU is committed to making all of its programs, services and activities accessible to persons with disabilities. To request accommodations through the ADA Compliance Office, call 301-687-4102 or use a Voice Relay Operator at 1-800-735-2258.


For further information on this release, contact:

Student and Community Involvement
Frostburg State University
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD  21532-2303

Telephone: 301.687.7597
Fax: 301.687.7049

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