Advertise your events and opportunities for students in SpotlightOnline, Student & Community Involvement's weekly eNewsletter.

Please review the guidelines below should you wish to participate.


SpotlightOnline is a weekly electronic newsletter promoting campus-wide events and opportunities. It also includes general editorial-style links throughout which are intended to draw students through the email and keep them returning – i.e. random world news, tips, advice etc. which students might find interesting.

It has served as a direct-marketing piece promoting brand awareness, strategic direction and the goals of the Department of Student and Community Involvement and areas within the Division of Student Affairs.

SpotlightOnline is produced by the Social Marketing Team and more specifically, the SpotlightOnline coordinator, Lacey Day. The Social Marketing Team is advised by Missy Martz.

Currently, SpotlightOnline has an average open rate of 46% for undergraduate students and 17% for faculty and staff. Education's industry average open rate of eNewsletters is around 17% and we now meet that standard.


SpotlightOnline is distributed via email through an online paid service, ConstantContact. Each semester a query is run to update the email database. That being said, anyone who receives ConstantContact may choose to unsubscribe or opt-out at any point per the CAN-SPAM Act.


The target audience is undergraduate students. However, it is also distributed to faculty/staff who haven't chosen to opt-out and any prospective students or family members who have registered to receive it.


  • SpotlightOnline is not an email expected to reach every student.
  • SpotlightOnline is not meant to advertise small, focused meetings, but rather larger campus-wide events and opportunities.
  • SpotlightOnline is not a place to advertise last-minute events due to your lack of preparedness.


Registered student organizations, programs within the Department of Student & Community Involvement or Division of Student Affairs.


Submit your event at Please provide as much information as possible and include a jpg photo. Under "Department Type" multiple select "SpotlightOnline" in addition to any other type that might be appropriate. By selecting "SpotlightOnline" this will alert the SpotlightOnline Coordinator to include your event in SpotlightOnline.

We encourage links to rich-media such as YouTube videos, URLs, polls and surveys. Think enhanced-value content. Students thrive on rich media and expect it. It is more than the date, time, and location of an event. Yet, at the same time it is small blurbs of information, not paragraphs. Think MSN – create a small blurb and include a relevant video/image and URL that drives them to more information on your website.

The following items are required to be considered an event

  • Title
  • Date & Time
  • Location with confirmed reservation
  • Description
  • Contact Person, Phone/Email
  • Cost/Free
  • Organization Hosting Event
  • Audience

Cancelled Events

If any of your event information changes (i.e.. sold out, rescheduling, cancellation), it is your responsibility to inform the SpotlightOnline Coordinator Lacey Day before Friday at noon prior to publication on Monday.

In addition, please log into and add the word "CANCELLED" in front of your event title. We will not publish any TBA or TBD events. We will not accept events submitted through any other means -  including taking it from prior publication, emails or verbal requests.  The SpotlightOnline staff reserves the right to edit announcements as needed to fit the design and space limits of this publication.


14 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT excluding days the University is closed such as Spring Break. Normally, we only market events occurring in the upcoming week. If you want to advertise your event for more than one edition, you MUST submit your event 2 weeks prior to the first edition in which it will appear.