COVID-19 Updates and Information

PAWS Pantry

PAWS Pantry 


Under advisement from the MD Food Bank and MD Department of Health, the FSU PAWS Pantry has  transitioned to a pre-packed bag style pantry in order to maintain proper Social Distancing.

IMPORTANT!! Customers who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, have been in exposed to the virus, or have been instructed to self-isolate SHOULD NOT visit the pantry for any reason. Instead, please send a request to as soon as you are aware of this situation to set up a delivery. More details about how the delivery will work will be sent to you upon your request. This is not an open service! As we are working with limited staff, we ask that only those who have been exposed to the virus, have been informed to self-quarantine and/or are symptomatic use this option.

FSU Students who have never used the Pantry before, but would like to sign up, must first complete the PAWS Pantry Intake and Liability Waiver Form. We encourage you to do this before you visit the pantry, but it can be completed on site. You will be assigned a Pantry ID number upon your first visit to the Pantry.

To make an appointment, students should email by Wednesday at noon of the week they need an appointment. All customers who request an appointment will receive an email on Wednesday to choose an appointment time. If you have a scheduled appointment please be sure to arrive at your scheduled appointment time to ensure there is no overlap between customers and pantry staff are available. 

Pre-Packed Bag Options
Customers are permitted any combination of up to 4 bags per visit.
When you approach the window, please tell us how many of each type of bag you would like, as well as any dietary restrictions.
Below are general descriptions of the type of items that would be in each bag. Items will vary based on availability:


Carbs and Sides Bag Option 1
Carbs and Sides Bag
  • Pasta
  • Rice/grain
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Broth (chicken, turkey, beef, bone, vegetable)
  • Stuffing
  • Mac N Cheese
Canned Goods Bag Option 2
Canned Goods Bag
  • Canned Fruit/Fruit Cups
  • Canned Vegetable
  • Soup
  • Ravioli
Breakfast Bag Option 3
Breakfast Bag
  • Cereal
  • Cereal/Chewy Bars
  • Oatmeal/Granola/Fruit
Baking Bag Option 4
Baking Bag
  • Dessert mixes (Brownie, Cake, etc.)
  • Jell-O/Pudding packs
Snack Bag Option 5
Snack Bag
  • Hummus cups
  • Chips
  • Crackers


Customizable Bag
  • (Max 1 per customer)
  • Customers may choose additional items for their bag

For more information, contact or call 301-687-7598 during regular pantry hours.

PAWS Pantry Hours

11 AM-6 PM

Thursdays by appointment only
by Wednesday at noon for a Thursday appointment

The Braddock House
20 Braddock Road