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Teaser image for BobCats Vote!MD Voting Deadlines

Register to vote—October 13 OR Day of Election at the polls
In order to vote in Maryland, you must be registered to vote. Frostburg State students may register to vote with either their permanent address or their school address. This means you could either vote in your home county, or Allegany County. If you will be registering in your home county, it is best to register before the 13 so you can ensure that you can request a mail-in ballot, or do early voting to be able to vote for the entire ballot in your home county. If you register to vote the day of the election at a polling location in Allegany County, you will have to vote provisionally for state and federal elections only.
Request A Mail-in Ballot—October 20 
If you would like to vote by mail in lieu of voting in-person in the county you registered in, you can request a mail-in ballot. Go to elections.maryland.gov/2020 to request yours before October 20. Learn more about the process 
Vote by Mail—Postmarked OR Dropped in a Ballot Box—November 3 
If you are voting by mail you must submit your ballot by Election Day (November 3rd). If submitting by mail, the envelope must be postmarked for November 3 or earlier. This means simply dropping it in a mailbox on November 3 may not be enough. Be sure it is postmarked! OR you can drop the ballot into a ballot box leading up to and on election day. A ballot box is located at Mountain Ridge High School, 100 Dr. Gasmick Lane, Frostburg, MD 21532. Here are other ballot drop locations.
Early Voting—October 26—November 2 
Early voting must be done in the county in which you are registered. Click here for a list of early voting centers 

ELECTION DAY—November 3rd!

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Election Shuttle
To the local polling location, Mountain Ridge High School
Shuttles run from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm departing from the Performing Arts Center lot

IMPORTANT: Did you forget to register to vote? Did you forget to request a mail-in ballot? Did you forget to turn in a mail-in ballot? IT'S NOT TOO LATE.
If you go to your local polling location in MD you can register to vote and/or vote provisionally. Voting provisionally will allow you to cast your vote for all the races that are at the state and federal level!

For Residents of all States
Voter deadlines and rules vary from state to state. FSU has partnered with TurboVote to ensure you get the most accurate information about the election process in your state. Go to TurboVote and answer a few questions about your registration and voting intentions. TurboVote will either direct you to the correct website or send you the proper paperwork for registration, mail-in ballots, and more. TurboVote will also send you text and email reminders about upcoming deadlines, polling locations, and other voter information for your state. Sign up today to ensure you have all the information you need! For more information about voting, contact the Office of Civic Engagement 

Maryland Election Judges Needed!
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State Board of Elections (SBE) is currently experiencing a shortage of election judges to staff the polls.  Voting in America is every individual's right and civic duty. Election judges play a critical part in the democratic process to ensure this right. This presents a unique opportunity for members of our University community to participate in the democratic process while helping the citizens of Maryland.
Therefore, we are requesting you to consider serving as an election judge this November to ensure that all Marylanders have access to polling stations and are afforded the opportunity to vote without undue delay or interference.  Under Maryland law, you can serve as an election judge if you are: 

• Age 16 or older
• Are a registered voter in Maryland
• Physically and mentally able to work at least a 15-hour day
• Willing to work outside your home precinct
• Able to sit and/or stand for an extended period; and
• Can speak, read, and write English.

Election judges are temporary, paid employees of local election officials trained to handle all aspects of voting and are responsible for proper and orderly voting at polling locations. Tasks include:

• Setting up the polling location and election equipment
• Verifying voter qualifications
• Assisting voters
• Distributing ballots
• And more!

If you are interested in serving your community and helping to protect the democratic process, visit the State Board of Elections website at to sign-up to become an election judge.  With the election fast approaching, sign-up as soon as possible.  Questions can be submitted to the State Board of Elections at info.SBE@maryland.gov or 410-269-2840 or you can contact the Student Government Association at SGA@frostburg.edu or 301-687-4304.

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