Policies and Procedures

Issued By: Practice #: 1
Approved By: Date Effective: 8/31/15

To document the practice and procedure for reserving and occupying a lobby table in the Lane University Center.

The Lane University Center has seven (7) lobby tables that may be reserved by any campus department or recognized student organization all located in the 2nd floor lobby.

Lobby tables are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis and may only be reserved Monday through Friday. Each sponsoring department/organization is only permitted to reserve space for three (3) days in a given week, but may reserve through a given semester.

  • For example, UPC is permitted to reserve a lobby table Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for the entire semester,

Lobby tables may be reserved through EMS, the campus online reservation system, and this can be done up to 48 hours in advance of the start time of the desired reservation. Reservations for lobby tables can also be made in person through the Reservations Office (LUC 215) up to 24 hours in advance. Lobby tables cannot be reserved for same day activities.

Lobby tables will be made unavailable to the group if not occupied within 30 minutes of the reservation start time. After three lost or missed table reservations, the group loses the privilege to reserve tables for a year.

If any cash transactions will be occurring at the lobby table activity, a record of sale must be documented with the Lane University Center Reservations Office. Documentation can occur on the day of the reservation, but must be completed before the scheduled start time.

* The Lane University Center reserves the right to terminate a lobby table reservation if the scheduled activity has demonstrated cause for concern including but not limited to:,Personal safety and well-being of guests within the facility

  • Damage to LUC property
  • Repeated infractions related to noise violations
  • Repeated infractions related to egress and ingress
  • Behavior or materials presented on behalf of sponsors has been deemed inappropriate
  • Behavior or materials presented are found to be in violation of University policies