Event Planning Timeline & Critical Deadlines

When planning an event at Frostburg State University, there are many steps that you should take to ensure your event is successful.  By following the Event Planning Timeline and Critical Deadlines outlined below, you can maximize the event's success.  This timeline provides a checklist for your program, meeting, conference, or event.  Note the "Critical Deadlines" which are firm; missing a "Critical Deadline" may impact your event's success.  

The first step is to determine if your event is a "Complex Event."  A RSO’s event will be defined as "Complex" at the discretion of the LUC or Student Activities and/or when the event includes, or is expected to include, any of the following: 

  • Attendance (expected or historical) of more than 100 people.
  • Tickets (paid or free)
  • Contracted services (performance contract, independent contractor agreement ect.)
  • Police and/or Security
  • Advanced Audio/Visual Support
  • Event title includes: Social, Festival, Carnival, Dance, Fashion Show, Pageant, Auction, "Week," Open Mic, Concert, Comedy, or Culture Show.

Complex Events require planning and preparation.  It is virtually impossible to accommodate an Complex Event less than two months in advance given the nature of the type of event, the required contracts for performers, etc.  RSOs are required to meet with the Assistant Director for Event Services prior to their Event Management Plan/Event Production Plan deadline which is six weeks prior to the event date.  Failure to arrange and attend this meeting will result in a denied of your organization’s request as institutional deadlines cannot be met.