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Guidance for COVID-19 Meetings and Events

Last updated February 1, 2021 at 11am

As a result of current public health information currently available, the following interim guidance has been created regarding meetings and events on the Frostburg State University campus.  This guidance will remain in place until removed and it applies to all previously reserved/scheduled meetings and events, as well as all meetings and events scheduled moving forward. 

All meetings and events on campus will follow applicable guidance from federal, state, and local health officials (CDC, USM, etc.) as well as applicable Executive Orders from Governor Hogan’s office. 

Approval Process:  Requests for in-person meetings and events on campus will be reviewed by the Lane University Center Reservations Office prior to approval to ensure that it is possible to meet all required safety precautions, capacity restrictions, etc.  This will ensure a consistent approval process for requests for in-person, internal university meetings and events.  The first step in this approval process is to submit a room reservation request through the EMS Web App 

Beginning August 10, 2020, internal University meetings and events may resume on campus, contingent on the guidelines below.  

Capacities:  The total number of attendees at any meeting or event (including outdoor spaces/quads) will be determined based on the maximum gathering size/occupancy, as determined by the Governor’s executive orders, as well as the size of the venue, ensuring that social distancing is maintained. 

EMS Web App:  The EMS Web App will continue to be the method for requesting space usage on campus and receiving approvals for meetings and events.  If/when a reservation request for a meeting or event is approved, language will be included to address guidance related to COVID prevention.  

Food Service/Catering:  Frostburg Dining will continue to provide catering service within the confines of permitted events on campus.  Individually served, wrapped, and packaged food (wrapped sandwiches, boxed lunches, etc.) is recommended for gatherings to reduce potential contact points for attendees.  Canned or bottled beverages should be utilized for beverage service.  

Large-Scale Events:  Traditional in-person large scale events are not permitted based on distancing requirements.  All events will follow guidance from the CDC, USM, and any applicable executive orders. As such, attendance will be limited to accommodate social distancing and multiple modalities may be employed for event delivery (in-person, online/virtual, and/or a combination of the two). 

Live Performance Events:  Based on current executive order, the following guidelines are in place for live performance events, in addition to the other guidelines outlined on this webpage:  

  • Audience will be limited to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Occupancy/capacity shall not exceed the lesser of the social distancing capacity or 100 attendees.  
  • All audience members must remain at least 12 feet away from performers.  

Masks/Face Coverings:  All individuals will be required to wear a mask or face covering when in the presence of others, including performers, presenters and attendees for meetings and events.  Masks/face coverings may be removed for the consumption of food/beverage during events – however they will always be required outside of food/beverage consumption. 

Meetings:  Faculty, staff, and Recognized Student Organizations should hold meetings virtually.  This would include standard and/or recurring weekly meetings. Resources for transitioning to virtual meetings are available here.  

Minimum Attendance Numbers:  Venues on campus which have minimum attendance numbers will temporarily discontinue these minimums during the COVID-19 pandemic.  These venues include, but are not limited to, the Alice R Manicur Assembly Hall (ARMAH) and Atkinson Room. 

Room Setups:  Most event venues on campus will transition to a standard setup style, frequently lecture or theater style seating. 

Public Areas/Lobbies:  Events in public areas of facilities, such as lobbies and lobby tables, will be temporarily discontinued to reduce density in these areas and to allow for social distancing. 

Prohibited Events:  Due to the required social distancing, the following in-person event types will not be permitted including, but not limited to, fairs, dances/parties, Late@Lane, etc. 

Signage:  In addition to posters regarding hand washing, social distancing, and proper mask use, each meeting or event venue will have a clearly posted maximum occupancy as well as a posted meetings/events notice. 

Sponsoring Individual:  The individual who schedules a meeting or event will be responsible for ensuring that attendees follow applicable guidance regarding social distancing, mask requirements, and related items. 

Symptom Screening:  All individuals (staff, performers, attendees) will complete the daily COVID Check-In using the FSU Check-In webpage.  

Time:  With the limited capacities of our larger venues on campus, time may be added between meetings and events to strengthen our rigorous cleaning and sanitizing processes and procedures. Based on demand, some limitations may be placed on high-profile venue usage to facilitate the maximum usage of campus spaces. 

Venues:  For Recognized Student Organizations, events will be limited to CCIT/Gira 397, Lane University Center, Cordts PE Center, Pealer Performing Arts Center, Quads and Bobcat Stadium. This limitation on venues allows for enhanced cleaning and sanitizing of spaces on campus with high usage. Additionally, the Faculty/Staff advisor must be present for the duration of the event.

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