Spring 2021 Plan and Information
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Stars of Excellence

The Stars of Excellence Awards was established in 2007 and was based on the national standards of all organizations and university expectations of each chapter. The expectations cover intellectual and social development, personal health and moral values growth, organizational responsibility, proper risk management, scholarship, community and philanthropic service monetary donations, and chapter programming. All of the awards are based upon documentation of events during the academic calendar year.

To remain in good standing with the Office of Student Activities and Fraternity and Sorority Life, each chapter is required to maintain 80% in all aspects of the university and national guidelines, they are; Chapter Management, Risk Management, Fundraising, Scholarship, Community and Philanthropic Service, Membership Development, and Community Development.

Awards are presented to a chapter or chapters who have excelled in each category (80% or higher) based upon the documentation compiled over the past year. Only the first-place winner will receive a trophy.  All second and third place finalists will receive a certificate.  For some awards, there may be a tie in the final tally and there may be no winners or only one winner in a category. In the end, the chapters that were at 90% or above before bonus points were calculated will receive the Chapter Excellence Award.  For a chapter to win Chapter of the Year, they must be in good standing with the university and in each category area.

Winners for this academic term

Chapter of the Year: Kappa Delta Rho

Advisor of the Year: Scott Rieker

Greek Women Our Hera Award: Vondasia Forbes (Zeta Phi Beta)

Greek Man Our Zeus Award: Kolbey Barnes (Iota Phi Theta)

Chapter Excellence: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Delta Zeta, Pi Lambda Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Delta Rho, Alpha Phi Omega.

Chapter Management Excellence: Phi Mu Alpha and Phi Beta Sigma (2nd place Phi Mu Delta)

Risk Management Excellence: Kappa Delta Rho (2nd Pi Lambda Phi, 3rd Phi Sigma Pi)

Scholarship Excellence: Alpha Phi Omega (2nd Phi Sigma Pi, 3rd Delta Zeta)

Fundraising Excellence: Tau Kappa Epsilon (2nd place Phi Sigma Pi, 3rd Alpha Phi Omega)

This year before the university closed, chapter members were hitting a high of $319.38 per member raised for causes.

Philanthropic Excellence: No Winner

Membership Development: Kappa Delta Rho (2nd place Delta Zeta, 3rd place Pi Lambda Phi)

Community Service Excellence: Alpha Phi Omega (2nd place Delta Zeta, 3rd place Zeta Phi Beta)

This year the chapters had a combined effort for 584.5 total hours of community service with two less months included in the statistics

Community Relations Excellence: Kappa Delta Rho (2nd Phi Beta Sigma, 3rd Iota Phi Theta)

Our New Fraternity and Sorority Life Council Board

President: Shelby Wellington (Alpha Sigma Alpha and Phi Sigma Pi)

VP of Programming: Bethany Bloom (Delta Sigma Pi)

VP of Administration and Standards: Jacob Sears (Pi Lambda Phi)