The Daily Grind of Mekhi Jones, Busy College Student

By Rose Gause | Mass Communication '20
Social Marketing Team writer

Left to right: Mehki Jones, Tayler Watkins, Dontae Jones at the Union Rescue Mission in Cumberland.

Left to right: Mehki Jones, Tayler Watkins, Dontae Jones at the Union Rescue Mission in Cumberland.  


While growing up, Frostburg State junior Mekhi Jones gained a passion for graphic design and volunteering which inspired his path today 

“When I was younger I used to watch a lot of cartoons and anime with my older brothers and cousins and then I got into playing video games with them and watching movies and reading comics. So, because of all that I wanted to become a graphic designer, game designer, and start doing animated movies and stuff,” says Jones. 

So, while attending FSU, he makes sure each of his days consists of volunteering through ECHOSTARS and Alpha Phi Omega (APO), serving as a student success mentor, and working towards the career in graphic design he envisioned as a child. He now majors in art and design with double minors in business administration and art history.  

As an ECHOSTAR on Monday and Wednesdays, Jones picks up a 10-passenger van from the old police station and drives it to Gray Hall to pick up other ECHOSTASRS. Then, he travels 10 miles south along Route 36 with them to mentor students at Westmar Middle School.  

“Going to Westmar Middle School is always a good part of my day. We (ECHOSTARS) mentor and tutor the kids and show them what it is like to be a college student. We act as a big brother or sister so they know they are not alone,” says Jones. 

“Coming from where I am from, I always had enough. I never had too much or too little. I used to not do a lot of service when I was younger, but as I became older, I started doing more and more service. And, it became such a meaningful thing. Once I learned about the impacts that it had on other people and the impact it had on me, I decided to keep going with it,” says Jones. 

Every other Tuesday is Jones’ busiest day. He has four classes, a weekly Alpha Phi Omega meeting, and a bi-weekly ECHOSTARS meeting. His favorite part of Tuesdays is going to his photography and sculpture classes. 

“I just enjoy being able to do something I thoroughly enjoy and want to do in the future for photography. Sculpture class is something different and new to me that I’ve never done before. Also, the professors for both classes are great,” says Jones. 

From Thursday through Saturday, Jones’ works with SafeRide if he is on duty. He serves as SafeRide’s vice president of organizations which requires him to communicate with different organizations on campus that have applied to work for SafeRide.   

As a student success mentor, on Wednesdays and Fridays, Jones helps with the ECHOSTARS orientation class by attending lectures, giving input on discussion topics, and sharing his college experience.  

Jones sometimes even volunteers on the weekend through Alpha Phi Omega. So far this semester, APO has helped relocate Cambridge Hall residents to new residence halls, participated in the organization fair, helped with the P-20 program, and drove students to Rocky Gap for their project. 

Jones is unsure of his plans after graduation, but he wants to get a job in graphic design creating websites, posters, and brochures, preferably for Disney.