UPC and Late@Lane members book acts at NACA

By James Byers, Social Marketing Team journalistic writer
March 1, 2019

NACA logo

A pair of Frostburg State University students, Taryn Brady and Shayla Cook traveled to the National Association of Campus Activities national convention in Columbus, Ohio on February 16-20 to book acts for the upcoming academic year. NACA is an organization that provides knowledge, ideas, and resources for campus life. The event provides networking opportunities, educational programs, and a variety of entertainment and vendors. 

Performers at NACA included musicians, magicians, hypnotists, mentalists, comedians, spoken-word artists and lecture poets. They come with the goal of being hired as campus entertainment across campuses throughout the United States.  

Within the four-day trip, University Programming Council (UPC) and Late at Lane members recruited performers for the upcoming academic year. During the day they attended lecture and club showcases. In the evening, the mainstage showcased well-known performers such as 3OH!3, Drake Bell, comedians from Wild’n’Out, and Damian Leigh from Mean Girls. 

Taryn Brady, program assistant for Late at Lane, attended NACA for the first time. Every year UPC and Late at Lane choose different groups of students to go to give as many students the opportunity as possible. 

Brady had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of entertainment at what was called “the marketplace”. The activities in the marketplace ranged from game shows to ninja warrior training courses; all available to be brought to college campuses across America. Universities shopping for acts at the marketplace received a discount for hiring them on the spot. This gave students the opportunity to network with professionals one on one. 

NACA has brought valuable resources and exposure to Frostburg students for years. By going to NACA, it not only gives them a chance to network with other professionals and build relationships within their field but also to get Frostburg’s name out there. 

“We were able to talk to (talent) agencies and be like, ‘Hey, I go to Frostburg State University’... I think that that was the most valuable thing especially throwing Frostburg’s name out there. Since we’re such a small university, we don’t have the chance to get big name people, but by working with different agencies, we’re able to work our way up there,” explains Brady. 

Not only is this experience valuable to the students who attend NACA, but also for the students who enjoy attending events at Frostburg. In the past, FSU has booked big acts such as the Plain White T’s through NACA. As for the future, there are rumors of a comedy series coming to Frostburg from NACA as well as a potential big-time concert.