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Meet SGA's New President: Noah DeMichele

James Byers

By James Byers | Mass Communication '20
Social Marketing Team Journalist

Noah DeMichele, Student Government Association  (SGA)  President, was sworn in  on April 23 , 2020  during SGA’s annual banquet.  DeMichele is walking into  his   tenur e equipped with knowledge, experience, and ideals  shaped by his time as a student  at Frostburg and in SGA.    

Noah DeMichele, SGA President

A ccording to DeMichele, giving students the ability   to connect with  their SGA representatives is one of his top prio rities.   This connection will   create a stronger bond between SGA and the campus community  in order  to  make more effective changes on campus.  

“I want this SGA to be very proactive. We are going to be ahead of the issues, affecting positive change on campus. I would love for students to know the SGA senators and feel comfortable coming to us with their concerns or questions. We have a great group of SGA senators and we want to help Frostburg students ,  said DeMichele.  

He went on to explain, “One thing I would like to work on early is building connections between SGA and the student body. I want the student body to have a relationship with SGA and for SGA to further connect with students who may not know much about our organization. Ideally, this would bring in more ideas and more voices that can help us work on the important issues. One idea, proposed by my new excellent Student Affairs Chair, Delanie Blubaugh, was ‘Coffee with SGA.’ It would be an informal way for students to talk to SGA senators and voice their concerns or learn about what SGA is working on.”  

DeMichele has had a lot of time to think on ways to improve SGA and Frostburg State University’s campus.   He has a   long   history with the organization and   the college .  This unique experience helps him make wise decisions for   the student body .  

“I’ve been on SGA since my freshman year of 2017. I have been a senator serving on the Senate Finance Committee and most recently, I was the SGA Treasurer. It’s really a process of just learning and watching as you are on the senate. I’ve seen the work and passion that the past leadership has put into this organization and I was a part of it this past year as treasurer. It’s a big role, and I’m not sure anybody is fully ready for it, but I think my experience on the senate has put me in the best position I can be in to help the students at Frostburg State ,  DeMichele explained.  

In the end, however, what inspired him to run was his own lineage. Part of his   history  with   the campus is that his brother was SGA President while he was in   college .   This prompted him to try and reach   the level of success that his brother had on campus, as well as enact effective change like previous leaders did.  

“When I was still in high school, I would come to campus because my brother was the SGA President at the time. Since then, I have witnessed a slew of incredible SGA Presidents who really care about this University and have put a tremendous amount of effort into being a passionate, effective leader for the students here. I wanted to be a part of that,” he said.  

Speaking of previous leaders: he has the endorsement of   exiting president, Jenna Puffinburger. While she’s going to miss being a part of  SGA,   she has the utmost faith in every incoming member.  

“I think the thing I will miss the most is being in the room to ask the hard questions, hold all parties accountable, and really make sure that the student voice is heard. I have no doubts the SGA leadership that was sworn in last Thursday will do everything they can to ensure that the student voice is heard, but I will honestly miss having a seat at the table where major decisions are made,” Puffinburger said.  

She also knows our incoming president well,   offering only praise for DeMichele and the way he's grown while they’ve been in SGA together.  

“I have witnessed Noah’s leadership abilities grow over the past three  years and  am so excited to see what he and the 2020-2021 senate accomplish. Noah is trustworthy, humble, and more than ready to take on this position,” she s aid .  

The piece of advice she’d like to impart on DeMichele: “Relationships are everything. It is so important for the SGA President to build relationships with other campus organizations and campus leaders. SGA represents the student voice and that voice is not just Noah’s or mine, it is the voice of many. It is equally important for the SGA President to build relationships with their senate, in order to establish a culture of trust that ultimately leads to impactful change.”  

This semester has been a trying one for the student body. With the anxieties surrounding COVID-19,   many may feel overwhelmed or confused. DeMichele is offering words of encouragement to the campus amid all the turbulence:  

“Certainly,  this isn't how we expected our semester to go and it isn't how we would have liked. But,  it's  important for all of us students to remain a part of this campus even though we aren't all here. At some point, we will be back on campus and things will go back to normal. In the meantime, we need to stay connected through our campus organizations, our classes, and   our friends. Don't forget that Frostburg is our home away from home and we will be back! Stay positive, stay on top of your studies and be ready to come back to the Frostburg we all know and love. Go Bobcats!”